Performance Management

Intelligently spot performance issues and resolve problems in your applications and infrastructure to keep your revenue flowing.

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Avoid outages and resolve problems faster with Predictive Insights
Deliver high-quality applications faster with APM for DevOps
Mix and match SaaS and on-premises deployments in a single dashboard with Hybrid APM

What's Inside

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Application performance topology view

Improve Availability by 60-90%

  • Identify performance issues before they affect your users
  • Complete end-to-end visibility of your enterprise and hybrid environments
  • Vast coverage of platforms: Websphere, Node.js, Ruby, MongoDB, MySQL, and many others
  • Improve the operational efficiency of your infrastructure
View of all transactions

Reduce Outages by 50% or more

  • Know what happens every time a user connects to your applications
  • Isolate problems by tracking 100% of transactions end-to-end
  • Pinpoint where performance issues are occuring and who is affected
Application deep dive closeup

Find the root cause line of code 90% faster

  • Identify the source of performance issues with line of code diagnostics
  • Integrated search analytics help you find the hidden data in log files
  • Spend your time writing great new code, not debugging it
Predictive Insights anomaly detection

Predict major outages (paid add-on)

  • Identify issues before they impact your end users with Predictive Insights
  • Receive early warnings of application issues and fix them before users are impacted
  • Eliminate the need for thresholds with early problem detection

APM in DevOps

Establish shared insight between development and operations focusing on user experience to solve problems and get releases out faster

Alert Notification

An easy to use notification system to meet your increasing demand for agility and efficient collaboration among IT operations team members.

Hybrid APM

Deploy and manage APM yourself, have us do it for you with SaaS, or pick a mixture of both and change the balance as you go!

Extend APM

APM is just a piece of the puzzle; integrate with the full IBM IT Service Management suite to change the way your organization works.

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